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This article was written on 03 Sep 2013, and is filled under illustrators.

Budi Satria Kwan

I am 28 years old illustrator from Indonesia. I move back and forth between Singapore and Indonesia. My introduction to digital graphic happened 9 years ago. My career part was long and winding. From bookshelf cleaner at library to construction supervisor and finally an illustrator.


When did you decide you wanted to be illustrator?
5 years ago I finally dare to call myself an illustrator.

Would you recommend studying at art school?
Yes off course, you can jump start your career earlier as compared to those who don’t

How long was it before illustration became your primary form of income?
4 years after my first introduction to photoshop and illustrator, illustration became my primary source of income


Could you describe your typical day?
All of my clients are from other side of the world (US and Europe), so I am approximately 8-12 hours ahead. When it is morning here, it is night over there. I wake up at 7.30. The first thing that I do is checking my emails and replying emails as soon as possible. Soon after, I process order from my online store Then start doing illustration until lunch. Have lunch, play music, browse for inspiration. Continue my work until around 4pm. Take a nap, wake up, dinner or go out, then doing illustration and corresponding emails again until around 12 midnight.

What do you wish you’d know when you first started out?
When I first started I always thought that the only way of making cash out of illustration is by finding as much client as possible. Turns out that was not the case.


What’s the best thing about being an illustrator?
I love to draw, so basically being able to support myself doing what I like is really fulfilling for me.

What’s the worst thing about being an illustrator?
When the deadline is approaching and you have noting in mind

If you weren’t an illustrator, what would you be?
A doctor

Any other tips you could share?
Constantly looking for feedback is good. I know once you are out of school this is a bit difficult to do. This is when the design community comes to rescue.


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