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Chloe Elliott

My name is Chloe Elliott, I’m 23 and I have always been an artist! I have been a working Illustrator for five years, I was very lucky to land a commission to illustrate Lu Lu is a Ladybird for Bug Bites Publishing whilst I was at College. I then did a Foundation Course at Kingtson University. After deciding I wanted to be an illustrator I attended University College Falmouth, this is where my interest for children’s book illustration grew. Since then I have been a freelance illustrator living in Cornwall.


When did you decide you wanted to be an Illustrator?
After studying at Kingston University I decided that an illustrator is what I wanted to be! I found the course at Kingston really great, it helped me pinpoint what aspect of art I enjoyed most, this turned out be drawing and character development.

Would you recommend studying at art school?
Most definitely! When I look through the progress of my work it is amazing how much experience in drawing can push your skills. I have been lucky enough to have brilliant tutors who have inspired and pushed me to be the best I can be. I found that Kingston and Falmouth had two very different approaches to teaching, I think this has sculpted my attitude as an illustrator to be appreciative of criticism and use it to my advantage.

I would really advise anyone who is looking at art schools to really get to know not only the course and what it entails, but also the area. Cornwall is an incredibly inspiring place to be, It is a unique and wonderful.


How long was it before illustration became your primary form of income?
At the age of 16 I started selling large paintings in a local interior design shop called Haus, since then I have produced numerous commissions.  As I mentioned earlier I illustrated my first picture book whilst I was at Godalming College, the publishers found me through a college exhibition. This was an amazing opportunity that I had to grab, it was a huge learning experience. After graduating I have gained a full time position in illustrating children’s books for Far Far Away Publishers. My first book – Mouse and the Moon made of Cheese is due to be published January 2013.

Could you describe your typical day?
I wake up very early, much to my boyfriend’s annoyance! I lie in bed with a cuppa for an hour or so looking though art blogs and twitter. Next I eat a delicious mix of 3 cereals and drink another cup of tea. After much procrastinating I begin work. Around mid afternoon I like to get out of the house and get some fresh air, this either means having a quick surf, going for a jog / walk or going to a cafe. I work much better after doing some exercise it really clears my mind.

What do you wish you’d known when you first started out?
I was very lucky as my older sister who is now a graphic designer showed me the way. Through sisterly rivalry I watched her work harder then I’ve known anyone else to, this was a huge inspiration to me and so I too believe that you only get out as much as you put in. One thing I would like to be much better at is social networking, I am very new twitter and my blog is looking a little rusty!

Whats the worst thing about being an illustrator?
Being an illustrator can sometimes be rather lonely, if you work well with others then it is really importent to find a studio space amongst other creative and inspirational people. So a studio is on my next to do list!

If you weren’t an illustrator what would you be?
I have had many ideas:
Sweet Inventor
Personal Trainer
Fashion Designer
Toy Designer

Any other tips you could share?
Don’t feel like you have to use photoshop all the time, I think illustrations that aren’t completely perfect are much more interesting.
Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Be yourself. It’s what makes you special.
To get inspiration you need to have fun too, playing hard is as importent as working hard.



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