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Dave Prosser

I’m Dave Prosser, a 28-year-old animation director and designer based in London, England. I studied Illustration at Norwich School of Art and Design and animation at the Royal College of Art in London. I’m now represented by Studio AKA, an animation production company who specialise in character driven animation. After graduating I helped establish Moth Collective, a collective of friends who love all things drawn. My Graduation film Matter Fisher was nominated for a BAFTA in 2011. Alongside working commercially in animation I continue to work on projects and collaborations outside, such as contributing to the portmanteau project the Late Night Work Club.

When did you decide you wanted to be an animator?
When my tutor at Norwich, Robert Mason suggested it might be an idea. Following this I began teaching myself animation and made my first film Milieu.


Would you recommend studying at art school? 
My postgraduate course at the RCA was the most valuable part of my education. The students there were contentious and a huge inspiration. The tuition fees are now 3x higher than when I studied though, so…

How long was it before animation became your primary form of income? 
I hopped straight from my undergraduate to most postgraduate, and from my postgraduate straight into the animation industry. So alongside working in animation throughout my postgrad its always been my primary income.

Could you describe your typical day? 
Tea, Commute/Read, DRAW ALL DAY/ANIMATE, Commute/Read, Run, Work on other projects, Half watch a documentary, Snooze.

What do you wish you’d know when you first started out?
That I would have no spare time if I became an animator.


What’s the best thing about being an animator?
The sheer variety of skills involved with making an animation.

What’s the worst thing about being an animator? 
That I would have no spare time if I became an animator.

If you weren’t an animator, what would you be?
A painter, if I were brave enough.

Any other tips you could share?
Talk to people.

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