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Sercan Tunali

My name is H. Sercan Tunali, I am a 30 year old animator/ illustrator living in Istanbul. After completing my studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Anadolu University, I moved to Australia so that I may have a chance to further pursue my studies as a participant and a supporter in some projects regarding character design and animation. I moved back home bearing all the experience to kick-start my career, of which, I have been working actively for the last six years as an animator and illustrator.

Eventually, my aim is to push the boundaries of my well-rounded skills and advance in the field of character design, I believe this advancement would go even more forward if I’ll have a chance to carry forward my career in foreign countries

When did you decide you wanted to be animator / illustrator?
The revelation came to me during a painting class at High School, paving the way for me to pursue a degree in Fine arts, I did work very hard to get admitted in order to study Animation in Anadolu University. From the first moment I begun my studies at the School of Fine Arts, I very-well knew that I was on the right path and that would make me happy each and every day of my life.

Would you recommend studying at art school?
Practice is key in each aspect of Art, there are many significant and innovative instructors. I strongly suggest that anyone must pursue their tiniest passions if they have any passion to bring out an artwork alive. They shall never give up and follow their dreams and desires to get satisfaction in their feelings.


How long was it before animation / illustration became your primary form of income?
Post-graduation, I have traveled to Australia and started working as a Motion Graphic Artist for Nat Geo HD on a freelance position assuming the position as a character designer for a TV series in One Digital Film Production. The post made me realize that this business would allow me to pay my bills and rent for the rest of my life.

Could you describe your typical day?
I do prefer to work in a full-time position since one does not need to worry about payments. I currently work as an animation director/ digital artist. I work for many different brands daily, always trying to meet their expectations. Illustrations, character designs, animations, UI designs, motion graphics etc. can sometimes be very demanding and tiring; but on the other hand, it is very rewarding to see your daily creations brought to life in broadcast on the internet or any other media. I start my work day at 10am, I believe that is the best aspect of this industry.


What do you wish you’d know when you first started out?
I wish I knew about the importance of angles in Character Design. When you start drawing a character, you need to examine and draw the different exposures from the other angle. There are so many rules regarding the character design sheet, you need to draw the character from on the right, on the left, in front etc. The main role in drawing a character is to show that it can easily be modified in a clear manner.

Moreover, I wish I knew more about composition in scene, it helps you in every area of art such as music, cinema, theatre etc. composition is the basic of art, taught in the very first lesson, but it never ends for your whole life.

What’s the best thing about being an animator / illustrator?
I believe that the greatest happiness is to see your animated film on screen.

Nevertheless, the best part of art is the flexibility, you can move between different mediums if you are bored, you can pursue animation, motion graphics, stop motion, illustration, character design, lay-out, storyboard, concept design etc.

Moreover, if you are willing to do graphic design you can go on designing, logos, UI designs, applications, game designs.


If you weren’t an animator / illustrator, what would you be?
I also dreamed about being a pilot for the army so that I could fulfill my ambitions for flying, unfortunately, I had to give-up my dreams since I was unable to pass the examinations required. I was fourteen by then, now this seems more like a childhood dream than of an ambition. While attending High School, I realized that I was fond of literature, which worked out well, I sent out many short stories and poems to be published in the local magazine.

Nowadays, I love to cook, but that does not mean that I would consider turning into a chef.

I guess I am doing the best possible job.

Any other tips you could share?
The best part of being an animator/ illustrator is having a pen with an ability to create whatever springs to your mind. You need to visualize your ideas, which is tough at first, but gets easier in time. The creative process can be very frustrating but it does need patience, you should never give up. The best way to keep your imagination running is to carry a sketch book with you at all times, and utilize it as much as possible.

Furthermore, if you are thinking to work in the industry, do not forget that you are going to work for your clients as they are brands. Most of the time, you do not have a chance to do exactly what you want, they generally have the upper hand, giving you revisions as paying parties. You need to keep your cool and and try to find clever solutions so that you can convince them for their own good.


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