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Ileana Soon

Hi! My name is Ileana and I am an illustrator/designer. As a child, I grew up in a small seaside town in Borneo, Malaysia, and spent my formative university years in Australia before making my […]

Oct, 05

Rosie Curran

My name is Rosie Curran. I am originally from Bognor Regis but currently living in London and I am 30 years old. I have been working freelance as an Illustrator since 2011. I am not full-time. […]

Jun, 22

Freya Hartas

I’m 22, a freelance illustrator currently living in Somerset. I have recently completed my studies at Falmouth University, amongst the Cornish beaches and tropical gardens, receiving a first class Hons in BA illustration. I love […]

Nov, 11

Natasha Rimmington

My name is Natasha Rimmington, I’m 23, and currently live in Stirling, Scotland. Last year I graduated from the University of Lincoln, and was fortunate to gain representation from the Bright Agency, who do a […]

Mar, 24

Pierre-Paul Pariseau

I’m a Montrealer (Canada), probably in the second half of his life, that have been living the creative life for more than 20 years now. I have been working for clients in North America and […]

Mar, 11

Francesco Poroli

I’m 38 years old, living in Milan – Italy. Actually I don’t know how long I have been an illustrator. I remember myself drawing since I was two. Illustration became a job for me in […]

Mar, 04

Wijtze Valkema

I am a 30 year old illustrator from the Netherlands. I work from home in a small town up north where I live with my wife and two sons. I went to graphic design college […]

Feb, 24


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